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CCE Equine Staff

Regional Equine Advisory Committees
These multi-county committees consist of volunteers with interests as broad as the disciplines of the NYS horse industry. Volunteer Actions of Advisory Committee Members include: providing advice and counsel in the capacities related to the equine industry for the relative counties and their communities, and to provide advice and counsel in the development of educational and/or informative programming for the communities of which Cornell Cooperative Extension serve.

Role of Advisory Committee Members:

  • To continue to be a link between Cornell Cooperative Extension, the equine industry and the public.
  • To assist in defining the outreach potential of equine programming efforts.
  • To suggest program contents, topics, methods of delivery and potential audiences.
  • To participate in programs as community leaders, chairpersons, speakers, and/or board members.

The Commitment Encompasses:

  • Attending program advisory meetings for the purposes of program development and evaluation.
  • Participating in program functions, sponsored seminars, workshops, tours, etc.
  • Occasionally serving as a chairperson, panel member, tour leader, speaker, program host, etc.
  • Representing Extension as a spokesperson to/for the equine industry and the public.
  • Offering constructive input to the structuring, development and growth of clientele served in regional communities.


Brieanna Hughes
4-H Animal Science/CCE Equine
518-885-8995 ext. 2206

Last updated September 10, 2019