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9:00 AM - Natural Horsemanship Techniques For Success KIM WALKER
Does your horse push through you to get what they want? Are your rides more often a fight rather than an enjoyment? Are you looking for ways to get your horse quiet and soft without using a bunch of artificial aids? Join us to learn a few tricks to help you achieve your goals. Kim will explain and demonstrate some training techniques that you can practice with your horse(s) on the ground and under saddle to improve your relationship and work toward a respectful, willing, and happy partner without using force or fear.

9:00 AM - Equine Liability: Navigating the Safety In Agriculture Tourism Act SARAH COLLIER
The Safety in Agriculture Tourism Act (“The Act”) is still relatively new legislation that creates a lot of uncertainty for New York State residents. The Act affects the liability management for farms and businesses offering agri-tourism activities, including equine activities; while imposing duties on the visitors to these designations. With liability management being one of the various components of comprehensive wealth management, this presentation will provide an overview of The Act as well as the duties and responsibilities imposed on both the owners-operators and the visitors to these farms. Sarah will also discuss various best practices that can be implemented to meet these responsibilities specific to equine activities. Additional discussion will also be presented on narrowed topics under The Act such as signage and ticket refunds

10:10 AM - Hoof Care for the Horse Owner: ASHLEY GASKEY & MIKE ISLES
An overview of equine hoof health and maintenance We, as Farriers, wanted to answer some of the hoof related questions we are frequently asked. We also want to educate horse owners on how to prepare for and improve their hoof care appointments. Educating and empowering horse owners allows them to be better stewards of the horses hoof, and help keep hoof care professionals safe.

10:10 AM - Saddle Fitting PATRICIA BAKER
As a saddle fitter it is easy to understand that the saddle fitting process can be overwhelming for anyone. Patricia will give you the tools and knowledge to be able to assess overall saddle fit, questions to ask your fitter, as well what to look for when purchasing a saddle. Please feel free to bring questions that you may have!

11:20 AM - Enhancing Communication Through Ground Work LIZ DELUCA
Understanding the psychology of your horse and the reasons why he behaves and reacts the way he does is crucial to a happy and productive partnership. Groundwork is an invaluable tool to hone this understand-ing, thus strengthening your relationship and adding clarity and empathy to your everyday interactions. This presentation will include psychology discussion as well as groundwork techniques aimed at bettering your communication with your horse and improving the performance of your equine partner, regardless of discipline.

11:20 AM - Demystifying Horse Nutrition DR. LYNN DUNN
With current advances in equine nutrition, navigating the myriad of feeding choices can be overwhelming and confusing. This presentation will cover the role of fiber, fat and forage as well as other dietary components. Bring your nutrition questions and we will explore together the key elements of a good feeding program.

1:10 PM -Training or Straining DR. KRAIG KULIKOWSKI
As an experienced rider and veterinarian, Dr. Kulikowski will use his unique knowledge to discuss not only the lameness aspect but also the training aspect of the equine partner.


Hands on: learn effective ways to wrap a horses hoof, how to pull a shoe, correctly apply bell boots, measure and fit for EasyBoots, and other helpful hoof hacks!

2:20 PM - Driving Demonstration/Presentation JEFF MORSE
Jeff Morse is currently the Director of the American Driving Society and Chairman of the ADS Pleasure Driving Committee (2006-present), Director of the Saratoga Driving Association, Member of the USEF Pleasure Driving Committees and Treasurer of the Massachusetts Morgan Horse Association, Coordinator of the Carriage Driving Division for the Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show and Owner/Trainer at Green Meads Farm, Richmond, MA (1974-present).

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