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Local Government AIS Webinars - Midwest States

  • Friday, January 22, 2021, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Creative Resource Strategies, LLC is working with the National Sea Grant Law Center on a project funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on “The Role of Local Municipalities and Entities in Addressing Aquatic Invasive Species.” The project is focused on helping municipalities access the tools necessary to play a role in aquatic invasive species prevention efforts. Although a substantial amount of attention has been placed on federal and state invasive species policy needs, the potential exists for municipalities to play a significant role in invasive species prevention efforts by addressing key gaps not addressed by state and federal regulations. Local government efforts to address invasive species risks are generally not mobilized in a coordinated or effective manner.

Creative Resource Strategies, LLC is hosting a series of 1-hour webinars in January to share the new online toolkit with local governments (and others that are interested) and walk through the regional case studies.

Specifically, the project developed an online handbook/toolkit ( www.localgovAIS.com) for local entities (municipalities and counties) that guides them through the process of identifying high-risk priority AIS and key next steps they could potentially take to advance interdiction efforts. Local water bodies are an important source of water for local communities, and generate significant revenue for communities through recreational and other opportunities. The result is that local municipalities nationwide have an online toolkit to guide them through potential appropriate actions and strategies that align with state and federal laws, but that help to protect the health and integrity of their local water bodies, and advance AIS efforts overall.

Each of the three webinars will be similar – the one difference is that they’ll be emphasizing a water body in different regions of the country. But anyone is welcome to register for any of the webinars.



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