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School Outreach
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4-H School Outreach

4-H Education Outreach offers hands-on programs to elementary age children in Saratoga County schools. Classroom teachers select from a variety of programs that support their classroom teachings and help satisfy New York State Next Generation Learning Standard requirements.

We have updated our mode of delivery to comply with current health guidelines.

Programs will now be delivered through Google Classroom including, activities, informational materials and videos, as well as a kit of (mostly) 1 time use materials for the hands on activities that children require to learn. Most programs include a live Google Meet session with Julie Curren 4-H Educator . If you are registering for a whole grade level, there will be a separate kit and session for each class.

Fall 2021 Learning Programs

Fall 2021 Easy Print or Fillable Registration Form

 Note** In a small number of programs, the very limited materials that will need to be returned for disinfection will be in their own containers and picked up for cleaning before being given to another school.

Last updated August 30, 2021