Saratoga County 4-H is as diverse as the members of our communities!  It is a fun, hands-on, youth development program.

4-H is...an American Idea - the world's largest dynamic, informal educational program for young people based on demographic principles. The real essence of the 4-H movement is defined by three goals.

These goals are to:

1.Engage young people in the work of Cornell University

2.Teach knowledge and life skills which enhance quality of life

3.Create opportunities which promote positive youth development

4-H Pledge

I pledge

my head to clearer thinking,

my heart to greater loyalty,

my hands to larger service,

and my health to better living,

for my club,

my community,

my country,

and my world.

The four essential elements of 4-H Youth Development are:

  • Belonging - a sense of belonging may be the single most powerful positive ingredient we can add in to the lives of children and youth.
  • Mastery - 4-H'ers work on life skills, such as, learning to prepare meals, give a presentation, build with wood, and raise animals.These skills are of economic, social and/or personal value to youth in their future.
  • Generosity - 4-H'ers become active and engaged in citizenship and community service through interactive experiences with adult leaders and volunteers, and fellow 4-Hers across the state.
  • Independence - 4-H helps children develop confidence and leadership skills where they learn what they like and are able to make choices, be leaders, and have their voices heard. 



Greg Stevens
Extension Program Leader, 4-H & Family and Consumer Sciences
518-885-8995 ext. 2210

Last updated April 24, 2020