vet science animal ambassadors

Isabel Fantanuzzi with her rabbit being interviewed at the 2019 Saratoga County Fair


4-H youth member attends Cornell Veterinarian Open House in 2019

vet horse class

Saratoga County 4-H’ers participating in the 2019 Vet Science Program

Animal Ambassadors


Are you a teen? Do you love Animals? Are you ready to learn more about animal husbandry and sciences? Are you prepared to take on a leadership role in your 4-H community? Do you want to invest time into preparing yourself for college or a job in the animal industry? Look no further, Saratoga County 4-H has something for you!

Saratoga County 4-H Animal Ambassadors

We are excited to announce a new teen program to offer Saratoga County 4-H member! We are seeking dedicated teens, looking to advance in the animal science field. This program will provide youth with skills in sciences, language arts, and creative thinking all aligning with different aspects of the animal industries. Meetings will be held once a month with opportunities to learn from professionals in the field and work on projects. Animal Ambassadors will complete one project in the course of a year individually as well as work as a team to prepare and run animal shows at the Saratoga County Fair. Click here for an application  due February 1st, please call the office today to have an application mailed or emailed to you.

Yearly Learning Objectives:

Participants will work with a team to complete goals at the Saratoga County Fair

Participants will attend 9-12 learning opportunities in the form of speakers and industry tours (for example: farm tours, vet clinic tours, processing facilities).

Participants will be prepared with knowledge and skills to educate the community about animal science and animal industries

Take one overnight trip for a fun learning opportunity decided by Animal Ambassadors (Travel restriction may not allow this to happen in 2021)

Participants will create and present a research poster

  • Will be able to describe the research/Scientific process
  • Will be able to search, read and comprehend journal articles
  • Will be able to articulate what they have learned verbally in a public setting 


Participants will complete a creative writing piece involving the animal industry that will be reviewed by an English teacher

  • Will be able to express an idea or feeling in a written piece

Participant Expectations for 2021

Must be 14 years old 4-H age

Must have a desire to learn about animal science and animal industries

Complete and turn in application to 4-H office by February 1st

Must attend 9 of 12 learning experience throughout the year (Meetings will be held once a month on a date TBD)

Complete a research poster or complete a creative writing piece

Act as an Animal Ambassador at the Saratoga County Fair for at least 10 hrs throughout the week

Click here for an 2021 Animal Ambassador Application


Brieanna Hughes
NYS 4-H Equine Youth Specialist/ Extension Resource Educator, Saratoga County
518-885-8995 ext. 2206

Last updated January 6, 2021