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Saratoga County 4-H Market Auction

  • Sunday, July 23, 2023, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Learn more about joining the Saratoga County 4-H Market Program (with or without an animal) by clicking here.

What is a 4-H Market Auction?

The 4-H Market Auction is where 4-H youth who are participating in market animal
projects sell their animals. The proceeds of each sale go to the individual 4-H member. Many of these young people put their sale earnings toward college, in addition to using the money to offset the costs of raising their animal, and to purchase a new market animal for the next year.

Bidders' Information: 

When purchasing a 4-H animal from the auction, you are getting a high quality product. Market animals are raised by 4-H’ers who provide the utmost care. You are also supporting the Agricultural industry.

What does Auction day look like?

The barn and sale arena open at 11:30am. There will be a sign in table located in the barn, this is where you will receive your bidder number/card. You must have a bidder card to purchase an animal. The 4-H Market Auction will begin at 12:00 pm.

All animals will be sold starting at market price of the day. When you bid on animals you are bidding by the pound, except rabbits and poultry which are sold by live weight. If animals are in a pen of two, you are bidding on both animals.

Buyers’ Information

All animals must be payed for, IN FULL, at the end of the auction. The animals will be delivered to a processor, Sunday, after the auction. You may contact the processor for a specific cut sheet.

The processing costs are separate from your purchase at the auction. You will be billed by the processor after the animal is processed. The Meat will be delivered personally from each 4-H or you may arrange pick up.

Please note:

  • This is a tax deductible purchase
  • You may purchase an animal as a goodwill gift or as a donation to charity.

Additional Purchasing Options

If your freezer isn't big enough...

You may purchase the meat as a group, where
the costs are shared among several buyers. Some ideas for partners are family, friends, employees, and social organizations. Meat purchased by a business and company makes an excellent thank you for employees!

You can resell your purchase

You may sign your purchase back to 4-H for a resale. The proceeds from the original sale will benefit the 4-Her. The proceeds from the resale will benefit the 4-H Market Auction Committee. We will use these proceeds to purchase educational materials and supplies for the Livestock program.

Add On Bids

If you are not buying an animal, but you are interested in supporting a 4-H member, you may add a fixed dollar amount (for example, $25) to the sale price of an animal.

Want to buy, but can’t attend the sale?

A proxy buyer can help you. Work with your 4-H youth for information and they will arrange bidding in your name.

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