Flowers in Minns Garden, Cornell Campus.  Echinacea.  Cornell University Photography.
Image by Lindsay France

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Gardening & Landscape

*pH soil samples are $1.00 per sample, please bring sample in a paper bag labeled with your name, number, what you are growing in that area of the sample and date


The swelling population of Saratoga County has led to a boost in consumer horticulture. We are constantly challenged to meet the growing needs of this diverse group. Individuals and communities seek environmentally sound options based on ecological approaches to the design and management of the home grounds. Our goals include aid in the management of pests in and around the home, as well as the home grounds, with minimum impact on health and environment.

Please enjoy this video on Pesticides from Cornell College of Agriculture:

From the NYS IPM Program at Cornell: Dr. Betsy Lamb provides insights about caring for indoor house plants, managing conditions that contribute to pest problems, and addressing pest issues. Dr. Matt Frye highlights pest issues associated with bringing firewood indoors.


Susan Beebe
Assistant Director/ Agriculture Issue Leader
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Last updated April 10, 2024