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Protecting Farmland

Tools for Protecting Agriculture and Farmland

There are a variety of programs and tools available to New York State Farmers. In addition, Saratoga County has an Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board to oversee planning and implementation of farmland protection and agricultural development efforts.

Agricultural Districts and Right to Farm Laws
Saratoga County Agricultural District and Right to Farm Laws.

Agricultural Assessments

Farm Building Exemptions

Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
Mission: Dedicated to promoting access to and conservation of land for equestrian use.

Purchase of Development Rights
This program offers farmers cash in exchange for the development rights to their productive farmland. Eligible farms can receive state and federal funding. Washington County farmers should contact the Ag Stewardship Association to determine if they meet eligibility criteria. Saratoga County farmers should contact Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County with their interest.

How to Apply for PDR Funding In:
Saratoga County

Pre-application Form

PDR Ranking Criteria

Purchase of Development Rights Program:
You have a choice to make in deciding whether or not to consider this program
by Martin Hanehan of William Hanehan and Sons
Dairy farmer in the Town of Saratoga and recipient of PDR funding

Fact Sheet for New York States Farmland and Protection Program: Purchase of Development Rights from American Farmland Trust

Questions and Answers for Property Owners Considering Conservation Easements.
Taken from Is a Conservation Easement the Right Tool for My Farm Business? A Guide for Farm Business Ownersby Ora Rothfuss III, April 2003.

Saratoga County Farmland/Open Space Preservation Program
In 2005 the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors has allocated $500,000 to fund a matching grant program to purchase development or other rights or a fee interest in productive agricultural lands and open space land whose preservation is deemed to be of significant public benefit.
General Contacts for Saratoga County for Farmland Protection and Agricultural Information

County Farm Open Space Stats 2012

Protecting Farmland Resources

New York Agricultural Landowner Guide to Tax, Conservation and Management
by American Farmland Trust

Download free or contact CCE for a free copy.

Resources at the Cornell Community, Food, and Agricultural Program Website

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