Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach

If You Fish in the Hudson River, Heed the Health Advice

Fishing is fun and fish are in important part of a healthy diet. Fish contain high quality protein, essential nutrients, healthy fish oils, and are low in saturated fat. However, some fish from the Hudson River south of the Corinth dam contain chemicals at levels that may be harmful to your health.

The NYS Dept. of Health offers advice about eating fish you catch in the Hudson River. Here’s a link to their website including all their publications:

Update on the DOH health advisory for the Adirondacks can be found in the Adirondack Region: Health Advice on Eating Fish You Catch brochure.


Click here for maps of Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady counties Publicly Accessible Fishing Waters with NYS DOH advisories.

Check out this brochure for advice regarding eating fish caught upstream of the Corinth dam to the South Glens Falls dam- Northern Hudson River: Health Advice on Eating Fish You Catch in Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties.
Fish 1

Check out this brochure for advice regarding the whole river south of the South Glens Falls dam - Hudson River: Health Advice on Eating Fish You Catch.

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Check out this brochure that includes a list of public access fishing waters in the Hudson Valley where the whole family can eat the fish.


If you eat the fish you catch, follow these Tips for Healthier Eating to reduce exposure to chemicals.

Wild Game…/…/fish/health_advisories/tips.htm

Can You Eat That Striped Bass From the Hudson? Learn about research done on striped bass related to chemical contamination. Click here to learn more:

Saratoga County Fishing Waters NYS Department of Health Fish Advisories & Publicly Accessible Waters Map - Click here!

Last updated June 21, 2023