fresh apricots in a bowl, next to several jars of preserves
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Boiling Water Preservation

Master Food Preserver

The 3 day Master Food Preserver course is an intensive hands-on experience in most methods of home food preservation, including boiling water bath canning (tomatoes, fruits and acidified foods), pressure canning (vegetables and meat), making gelled products (jams and jellies), pickling (quick pickles & fermentation), drying (veg., fruit, herbs, fruit leather, meat jerky) and freezing. During this workshop participants learn the scientific basis of home food preservation methods which will ensure that food is preserved safely. This is especially important for those who plan to teach others. Past participants have noted that the hands-on portion of the workshop is invaluable as it adds to the knowledge base and builds skills with confidence. Participants are provided with a large notebook that includes recommended classes and demonstrations, including a list of equipment and ingredients needed for teaching. This will help with the task of planning and implementing an educational program. The course includes a comprehensive list of research based resources for all safe methods of home food preservation

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Last updated February 28, 2024