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Dorothy Eva King Dairy Development Fund

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County is pleased to introduce the Dorothy Eva King Dairy Development Fund. Saratoga County has an exceptional educational opportunity to prepare dairy leaders for the future. The county has a strong and vibrant dairy industry with 25 farms and 8,300 cows. Many of these farms have been an integral part of the community for generations. Local farms are growing with larger herds a larger land base, and improvements in farm management techniques. There are also niche operations; smaller dairy operations with specialized markets. Niche dairy, milk and corporate markets have become increasingly unpredictable and dairy farmers need every advantage to capitalize on their business. Informed management decisions can have a lasting impact on profitability. The outlook for the industry will depend on the next generation’s informed and educated workforce.

To continue the vitality and growth of Saratoga dairies it will have to provide educational opportunities for the next generation. Thanks to the Dorothy Eva King Development Fund, the dairy community has an opportunity to expand their knowledge of dairy production. The Dorothy Eva King Dairy Development Fund has been created to support the dairy industry in Saratoga County through sponsorships to educational opportunities in dairy farming. This opportunity is for individuals who are currently and actively working in Saratoga County for at least (5) five years, and at least (25) twenty-five years of age. All sectors of the industry will be considered. Topics may include technological advances in the industry, animal health, farm business, management, marketing, feed management, forages & crops, Cornell, and Cornell Cooperative Extension programs, college courses, farm tours, regional & national meetings, and other topics. Areas of the dairy industry such as heifer rearing, dairy crop production, along with goat and sheep dairies will also be considered.

Funding will be administered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County working with a committee of local industry, government, and Cornell Cooperative Extension leaders. Applicants will be provided with scholarships for dairy educational experiences/programs that will enhance their knowledge in the industry. The committee will determine participant eligibility and make decisions on acceptable educational opportunities. There is no maximum/minimum funding. Activities may require a 10% - 20% participant investment. Special considerations and amounts will be determined on a case by case basis. Accepted applicants will only require a write-up for future educational opportunities.

In order to continue the outstanding dairy industry in Saratoga County, farms are invited to take advantage of this unprecedented educational opportunity that is investing in people to enhance the local industry.

Please contact Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County with questions on the program. 

Scholarship Application


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Assistant Director/ Agriculture Issue Leader
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Last updated January 4, 2017