Saratoga County Farm Facts

Saratoga County Farm Facts

According to the New York Agricultural Statistics Service, in 2012 there were 583 farms in the county averaging 135 acres per farm. Saratoga County has 78,849 acres in farmland. These farms produce an annual sales volume of $79.9 million in agricultural products.

Just under 50% of Saratoga County's gross agricultural sales come from the sale of milk. There are 34 dairy farms in Saratoga County. In 2012, Saratoga County farms had 8,300 milk cows. Most farms in the county are family owned and operated.

The average farm size in 2012 was 135 acres compared to a statewide average of 202 acres. The average age of the operator is 59.7 years. The 78,849 acres of farmland in Saratoga County make up roughly 15% of the total land base. Of the 78,849 acres, roughly 43,000 acres are devoted to cropland, 18,000 are woodland, and the rest is pastured cropland, permanent pasture and other.

In 1950, there were 200,349 acres of farmland making up 38.6% of the total land base in the county. Total farm production expenses were $25.5 million in 1997, compared to $20.1 million in 1992.

Farms in Saratoga County provide a livelihood for approximately 1,100 workers. Farmers receive a relatively small portion of the food dollar. “In 2012, households in the middle income quintile spent an average of $5,798 on food, representing 12.3 percent of income, while the lowest income households spent $3,502 on food, representing 35.1 percent of income. Rising food prices and falling incomes put pressure on food budgets.” (Source USDA Economic Research Service)

(Source US Department of Agriculture/National Agricultural Statistics Service) - See more at:

For a copy of the 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture for Saratoga County:


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