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Climate Change & Gardening


Climate-friendly gardening (PDF 3mb) by Union of Concerned Scientists

Gardening in an Uncertain Climate (PDF 6mb) by David W. Wolfe, Cornell University. The New American Landscape, Ch. 6 "Gardening sustainably in a changing climate"

Gardening in a Warming World (36-page PDF) was developed in 2017 by CCE-Monroe County and Cornell University's Garden-Based Learning Program. The course book includes units on the Benefits of Systems Thinking for Sustainable Gardening, Garden Systems, Climate Change Basics, Climate-Smart Sustainable Garden Audit, and Selected resources.

Climate Change in the Garden at Cornell University is an exciting model of youth community action in the garden. This site offers examples of how youth and their community members can get involved in monitoring, adapting, and mitigating climate change in the garden!

Landscaping for Water Quality in the Finger Lake by CCE-Onondaga

Stream Buffer Planting Guide offers information on specific plants that do well along a stream or lake shore is followed by information planning and site preparation. This visually rich planting guide help visualize how and what to plant to establish healthy stream buffer areas. A diagram in the booklet shows the right spacing for planting young and mature trees.

Enhancing Water Resources in Tompkins County: Benefits of Riparian Areas and Stream Buffers (2071kb PDF)” developed by the Tompkins County Planning Department is designed to facilitate a greater understanding of these benefits and further outline the buffer widths needed to sustain these benefits.

How Green is my Town? is an environmental assessment program that includes a checklist to determine how green a town is, a collection of policy and program ideas from other non-profits and government agencies, and a list of green products and services.


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Last updated September 27, 2023