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School Outreach
School Outreach

4-H School Outreach

4-H School Outreach offers hands-on virtual and in-classroom programming to elementary age children in Saratoga County schools. Classroom teachers select from a variety of programs that support their teachings and satisfy NYS Next Generation Learning Standard requirements.

Julie Curren is the only in-school 4-H School Outreach Educator this year. She is fully vaccinated and will be masked and mindful of the CDC and school protocols for safe instruction if invited to your school. We are scheduling programming for Jan-May of 2022. To help you the best way possible, we are offering our programs this year in either a virtual or in-person format.

Virtual Programs will be presented in the format designed last year.

-Hands-on program materials delivered to your school

-Scheduled virtual live Google Meet or Zoom with 4-H Outreach Educator, Julie Curren .

-Virtual programs will be offered on Mondays and Fridays.

Live in-school programming will be delivered, as it has historically been.

- 4-H Outreach Educator, Julie Curren will come into the classroom with materials for an hour of hands-on programming.

- In-school programs will be offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

4-H Additions Jan-May 2022

2022 Easy Print or Fillable Registration Form

2021-2022 Information and Registration tips


  • Pool with as many teachers as possible when sending in your registration  requests.
  • No programs will be scheduled without a registration form .
  • One teacher or aide should be the contact person for scheduling.
  • To be in the right place at the right time, we need the names and email addresses of ALL of the teachers that will be receiving the programming.
  • Program fee must be paid in cash or check (payable to: CCE of Saratoga) prior to the program unless other arrangements have been made.

IN-PERSON  (available T, W, Th )

  • Schedule in-person programs in such a way that we are presenting the same program to multiple classes in your school in one trip.
  • Please locate multiple programs in one common room or allow 15 minutes between programs for presenter to move.

VIRTUAL (available M and F)

  • Materials for virtual programs will be dropped off to schools before virtual live Zoom or Meet scheduled time. Remote classes will get materials in enough time to distribute to students.

Most programs will take roughly one hour.

Teachers are asked to remain with their students during program whether in-person or virtual.

We are aware things change quickly in these crazy times. If you are scheduled for in-person and need to go virtual, we will work with you.

Register now to reserve your class before it fills up!

Last updated January 4, 2022